Nick and Carolynn met in 1970 and have been happily married for a long time. Soon after the wedding they travelled around Europe together spending time in England, Austria, Germany and Greece. Initially settling in Durban on their return they subsequently moved to Port Elizabeth due to work commitments where they currently live.

Spinning Lizzie emerged as a finished product after 35 years of lying dormant as an idea in Nick's head. Having now retired, time and finances were more accessible. A busy 2 and a half years passed as a final product emerged which was nothing like the image he had imagined all those years back.

Besides the excitement of seeing a dream become reality it is important to comment on how many good, kind and helpful people we have met on this journey. People generally are giving, generously share knowledge, get caught up in the enthusiasm and generate a positive energy.

"If you have a dream, follow it, it will take you on the ride of your life"

Please feel free to click on the link below and navigate to page 5 to read the article in the Eureka News online magazine highlighting the story of Spinning Lizzie.



Meet the Spinning Lizzie team

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Carolynn Neil-Boss

Carolynn was born in Durban and attended school at Maris Stella Convent on the Berea.

After school she qualified as a dedicated nursing sister and midwife at St. Augustines Hospital in Durban where she subsequently practiced for 16 years.

Nick Neil-Boss


Nick is from Port Elizabeth and attended school at St. Andrews College in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.

After school he travelled around Europe for two years working short term jobs to sustain himself.

On returning to South Africa he was employed in the corporate world where he worked for 34 years before retiring.